PHP Developer With 3-4 Years of Experience(Any Framework)

Job Profile & Responsibilities:
1) Solid knowledge of Core PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

2) Demonstrated experience with robust, object-oriented JavaScript/jQuery for AJAX appli-
cation development.

3) Demonstrated experience with performing query optimizations to improve/enhance ap-
plication performance.

4) Experience with performing integrations of multi-vendor multi-platform applications
with legacy systems.
5) Significant experience and expertise in the website and web application development
and a deep understanding of development process and methodology is desired.
6) Ability to work in a team with tough deadlines.
7) Responsible for integrating MySQL database with the PHP applications.
8) Experience developing web applications.
9) Experience on other open-source technologies such as WordPress, Magento is an added
10) Experience working with third-party APIs and web services.
11) To interpret written business requirements and technical specification documents.
12) To fix application issues and code irregularities.
13) To give technical feedback to the Application Architect.
14) To perform code maintenance and testing.
15) Maintain coding standard and quality of work.
16) Document technical and functional specifications.
17) Help or guide Jr. or peer level team mates to speed up their work.

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